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Before starting

You are at one step from playing Smile, our new escape room Simulator. Our intention is that your experiencie resembles a conventional escape room. Therefore, you will find elements common from their world: logic challenges, mysterious atmosphere, timmer and hints. Smile is intented to be played by at least 2 players. Each player (or group of players), must choose one of the two roles availables: Player 1 and Player 2Teamplay will be key to advance and solve the puzzles.

Before proceeding further, we strongly recommend reading the Frequently Asked Questions


How to play

The controls are similar to first person games.

To move your point of view/camara just use your mouse.

To move through the rooms use the keys: W, A, S, D: w to move forward, a to move to the left, s to go back and d to go right.

Mouse left button: Pick up/Examine object.

Mouse right button: Use object.

TAB: skip/escape puzzle.

END: turn off music.

Important: We recommend playing Smile in Full Screen. To do this just click on the icon located bottom right of the game frame.  


Hints system

Like a conventional room, hints are a key element for succes and escape in time. You can ask for hints in the following links:

Hints Player 1

 Hints Player 2 

Remember the golden rule of escape rooms: If no one knows what to do just ask for a hint! 


Links for catching Smile 🙂

Here are the links to enter the role of Player 1 and Player 2. The waiting time will depend on your internet speed. We remember that, to enjoy the experience without problems, use Chrome or Firefox browser (in its latest versions).

Player 1

Player 2



If you are facing a problem of any kind or if you want to give us a feedback, feel free to write us in the Contact page. In case you are having a tech problem, we ask you to provide as much information as possible. Thanks!


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