Smile Hints – Player 2

Important: In each puzzle you will find several clues. The first will be a small orientation. The next one wil be a clue with a bit more of information and finally you will be able to see the final solution of the puzzle.

First Room

1a. To open the padlock of the Birthday card, Player 1 must provide a clue.

1b. On the table (Player 1), in the notepad, Smile’s birthday is written.


1103 (11 March)





2a. Inside the locker, the message containing the word fortune should redirect you to the wheel of fortune.

2b. Behind the wheel, each direction or cardinal point is associated with a number. The key unlocks the cell phone next to the wheel of fortune.







3a. The social networks on the cell phone screen have the key to open the padlock corresponding to the Friends card. Player 2 does not need help from Player 1.

3b. The total number of friends between the 3 social networks must be added and must be located in the padlock corresponding to the Friends card.





4a. The audios describe an increasing mathematical sequence. You need the number of Audio 3. That number will allow them to open the door corresponding to the Humor card.

4b. The sequence implies, multiplying by a given number and then, to that same result, adding another number.


The hidden pattern in the sequence is to multiply the element by 10 and then add 30. So the key number is 830 (since (80×10) +30 = 830)



Second Room

5a. The organs must be positioned correctly along the pentagon shaped by the hooks. Player 1 has the clue for it.

5b. On the table, in the second room of Player 1, is the hint you need. At the vertices of the pentagon there are emojis, which make indirect reference to the organs.


Glasses: eyes – Dish and forks: stomach – Thought: brain – Smoke: lung – Electro: heart




6a. Player 2 does not need help from Player 1 to find the key and open the door. The small differences between both groups of 4 emoji is key.

6b. Both groups of 4 emoji are pixelated (the minimum drawing unit is visibly one square). If we compare the same emoji between the two groups, there are pixels of different colors.


There are red pixels that are in one group of emoji and are absent in the other. The quantity of these pixels (and key of the padlock) is: 7650



Third Location

7a. In order to unlock the computer, both detectives need to collect information from the recorded emojis along all the walls.

7b. On the monitor screen, the sequence of numbers is the clue to find the emojis involved in the computer password. Each of these emojis, spread across both locations, are associated with alphanumeric characters. The last 3 digits of these characters have the same form: 6XX (6 followed by two other digits). It only remains to transform those emojis to the keyboard emoticons. Example: surprised is : O


: O – : ( – ; ) – : / – : | – : D