Smile Hints – Player 1

Important: In each puzzle you will find several clues. The first will be a small orientation. The next one wil be a clue with a bit more of information and finally you will be able to see the final solution of the puzzle.

First Room

1a. The reference on Smile’s birthplace is provided by Player 2.

1b. In the note on the locker, which begins with “When I close my eyes…”, Smile’s birthplace is hidden. Pay attention to the syllables of all the words in the text. The name of the country can be formed with two different syllables of words.







2a. The 5×5 matrix corresponds to a logical-mathematical problem where the player has to find the value of the unknowns (emojis). Player 1 can solve this without the help of Player 2

2b. The middle column (begins with 8 and ends with 6) divides the mathematical challenge in two parts.

2c. Within each row there are two operations: a sum and a multiplication. The first two digits are involved in a multiplication, while the last two are in a sum. The middle digit corresponds to the result of those operations. Example: In the first row: 4×2 and 5 + 3 give the same result, which is 8.







3a. The key of the directional padlock is given by the translation of the previous numerical solution to directions, located on the spines of the library books.


down, down, left, up



4a. The knives are nailed, in a specific order, into the family picture.

4b. The clue to know the correct order is provided by Player 2.


yellow, light blue, green red



Second Room

5a. Player 1 can open the word padlock without the help of Player 2.

5b. Only some newspapers have the Smile emoji in color.

5c. Each newspaper has a year and edition number. The edition letter indicates which letter should be put on the padlock, and the year the position of that letter. Only newspapers with colored emoji should be considered. Player 2 provides one letter.


FAME (the last digit of the padlock should be empty)





6a. Player 1 can solve the challenge without the help of Player 2.

6b. In each row there is a pattern of emojis. However, in each of them there is an emoji that does not belong to that group.

6c. Starting from the top down, the initials of each of those emojis forms a keyword that goes in the safe.


The correct emojis are: test tube – wrench – infinite – skull – telescope. Therefore the key of the safe is: TWIST



Third Room

7a. In order to unlock the computer, both detectives need to collect information from the recorded emojis along all the walls.

7b. On the monitor screen, the sequence of numbers is the clue to find the emojis involved in the computer password. Each of these emojis, spread across both locations, are associated with alphanumeric characters. The last 3 digits of these characters have the same form: 6XX (6 followed by two other digits). It only remains to transform those emojis to the keyboard emoticons. Example: surprised is : O


: O – : ( – ; ) – : / – : | – : D