Team Building & Birthday Party
Equipo de oficinistas trabajando en una mesa conjunta

Team Building

Expand the human resources of your company with activities designed to motivate and promote team work.

A good team knows that communicating and collaborating, detecting strengths and weaknesses, is the key to success in business. Escape games are also a new methodology for personnel selection, which allows to discover people’s aptitudes in a playful and non-invasive way.

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Celebrate your Birthday

Don’t you know where to celebrate your birthday? If you are looking for a fun and original plan, gather your team and venture into our Escape Rooms! Surprise your guests with a different and playful experience, where they can have fun demonstrating their skills and be part of a great adventure.

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Schools & Students

Escape rooms are an ideal space to develop mental and social skills, having a good time solving puzzles and revealing mysteries.

The experience is perfect for children, youth and adolescents, as it encourages interaction between participants, creativity, imagination, empathy and curiosity.

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