Diabolic Escape Hints – Player 1

First Room – Prison

1a. An important object awaits in the wooden DRAWER. The clue is provided by Player 2


1b. The RED letter around the symbol corresponds to the first letter of the word. It is not an anagram, the letters are in their correct position.







2a. Grab the GOLDEN CROSS. Did you expect a key?


2b. Use the GOLDEN CROSS in the center of the DOOR to knock it down.


Second Room

1a. The key to the PADLOCK is given by elements with fire.


1b. The number of TORCHES on the walls indicates the number of the padlock and the number of CANDLES lit on that wall indicates the position of that number in the PADLOCK. Player 2 provides 2 references and Player 1 the remaining.





Third Room

1a. The clues to open the 4 COFFINS is given by the BOOK found in the previous room.


1b. Each COFFIN is associated with a COAT OF ARMS of a prince. In turn, each prince is associated with a DEMON according to the BOOK. They must locate the name of each DEMON as appropriate.


Fourth Room

1a. The drawing on the PLATE must be moved with the mouse cursor.


1b. The correct drawing pattern is provided by Player 2.



2a. A particular draw can be found on the altar. GOLD offering.


2b. Remember that the CROSS used in the first room is a GOLDEN cross. You must take it again.


2c. Use the GOLDEN CROSS on the altar to make the offering.



3a. The phrase in the BOOK can be decoded from the RUNES scattered throughout the dungeon.


3b. Only the first letter of each RUNA matters.



your offering means nothing to me escape while you can